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Complete Tutorial Training for Adobe Photoshop® 7

Please Note, this is NOT Photoshop CS7 (which is actually called Photoshop CC) but the older Photoshop 7 from several years ago.


"Your PhotoShop 7 course is GREAT! I've wanted to learn PhotoShop for quite some time and had bought a number of books but just wasn't able to teach myself. Your CD's make it so much easier to understand and you cram so much important information into your course and you go into such detail." - Mary R

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Complete Tutorial Training for Adobe Photoshop 7

List Price $68.95
Our Price $29.87

Available on DVD-Rom

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Boost your Photoshop ® skills to full speed quickly and easily with this latest course from top training guru, George Peirson.

Learn new techniques. Enhance your skills. Apply your training today. This outstanding set (includes Image Ready training) covers not just the basics, but provides practical information, clear-cut demonstrations, and project applications you can use immediately.

Lessons are laid out in a logical, easy-to-follow format, guiding you through the tools and processes you need to become a Photoshop ® Guru. Beginning with an overview of the principles involved, each lesson moves on to a step-by-step demonstration of the tool or process, followed by a hands-on, practical application project that lets you experience how to use this new information in your everyday work.

By using this training, you will learn how to use Photoshop ®, discover how to maximize your learning, and truly master this powerful program to become a Photoshop ® Guru.

This Photoshop ® training package provides in-depth training for both Photoshop ® 7 and Photoshop ® 6. The demonstrations were recorded in Windows XP using Photoshop ® 7, but when there are differences between version 6 and 7 procedures, the demonstrations are shown in both formats.

Complete Tutorial Training for Adobe Photoshop 7

Screenshot of actual program

Complete Tutorial Training for Adobe Photoshop 7

Screenshots of actual program

You will learn both the theories behind this powerful program and how to apply your new expertise in the real world… right away.

This comprehensive set is packed with over 26 hours of video training. That‘s like taking an entire semester Photoshop college course from Mr. Peirson. Each set comes shrink wrapped in its own DVD-style retail case.

As a Special Bonus, we’re including – George Peirson’s companion training for ImageReady ®, Adobe's program for converting Photoshop ® files to internet ready images and animations.


Beginning Photoshop ®

Complete Tutorial Training for Adobe Photoshop 7
Using Brush Styles

Part 1

How to use these CDs
Photoshop 7 tour
The Browser

File Saving Preferences
Image Size and Resolution
Opening and Scanning
Rastor or Vector Graphics

Using Layers
Managing Layers
Layer Effects
Layer Shortcuts
Type Layers
Adjustment Layers
Layer Channels & Masks
Copying Between Files
Transforming Layers

Part 2

Paintbrush & Pencil Tool
Airbrush Tool
Brush Options
Cloning Tool
History and Art History
Healing Brush Tool
Blur, Sharpen, Burn

Selection Tools
Magic Wand
Marquee and Lasso
Crop and Slice
Applying Effects
Matting and Feathering

Vector Tools
Path Tools
Using Paths
Type Tool
Pen Tool
Shape Tool

Misc. Tools
Misc. Tools
Foreground Background
View Tools, Navigation

Intermediate Photoshop ®

Complete Tutorial Training for Adobe Photoshop 7
Action Sets

Part 3


Standard Filters
Extract Filter
Liquefy Filter
Pattern Maker

Adding & Editing Type
Type Palette
Type Effects
Type Warping
Type as Clip Art

Part 4

Web Safe Colors Explained
Color Palette Color Picker
Creating a Custom Palette
Proper Color Mode

File Types
EPS, DCS 1.0 and 2.0

About Actions
Creating Actions
Managing Actions
Optimizing Actions

History Palette
Intro to History Palette
Snapshots History States
Painting with History

Patterns & Brushes
Creating Custom
Using Patterns & Brushes

Advanced Photoshop ®

Complete Tutorial Training for Adobe Photoshop 7
Setting up Preferences

Part 5

Plug-ins and Filters
Use and Install Plug-ins
Using Filters
Other Filters
Creating Custom Filters

Setting up Workgroups
Workgroup files

Batch Automation
Create Droplet
Contact Sheets
Web Photo Album
Other Automations

Info & Annotation
Setting up file information
Notes Tool
Audio Annotation

Calibrate your Monitor
Printing inks
Printing a color proof
Calibrate the screen to proof

Part 6

General Preferences
File Handling
Display & Cursors
Transparency & Gamut
Units & Rulers
Guides, Grid & Slices
Plug-ins & Scratch Disks
Memory & Image Cache

Color Settings
Color Defined
Working Spaces
Color Management Policies
Advanced Mode

Preset Manager
Preset Types
Custom Presets

Getting Help

Bonus - ImageReady ®

Complete Tutorial Training for Adobe Photoshop 7
Creating gif animated banner ads

Opening ImageReady
ImageReady & Photoshop differences
Using Slices
Saving for the Web

Rollover Effects
Other Mouse Effects
Creating Custom Effects
Putting it all together

Image Maps
Creating, Viewing Image Maps
Image Map Types
Changing Image Map Shape
HTML Output and Exporting

Animation Theory
Frame by Frame Animation
Saving Animations
Using Animations & Help

You do not need to have Photoshop ® or ImageReady ® installed on your computer to view this training. Although you will need your own copy of Photoshop ® and ImageReady ® installed to do the exercises.

Explore the world's most popular image manipulation software. Adobe Photoshop ®. Our in-depth, easy-to-follow courses lead you through common tasks using a clear, step-by-step approach. HTG Photoshop ® Training takes the guesswork out of mastering this software.

Complete Tutorial Training for Adobe Photoshop 7

Each set comes shrink wrapped in DVD box

Learn exactly what you need to know with our interactive multimedia courseware. Our training teaches fundamental and advanced techniques and lets you apply what you have learned today.

Buy this software today and start learning the power of Adobe Photoshop ® and ImageReady ®

Buy this outstanding software set today

List Price $68.95
Our Price $29.87



Complete Tutorial Training for Adobe Photoshop 7




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