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Complete Tutorial Training for
Adobe After Effects Pro® 6.5

Note: This is Training for the older After Effects Pro (CS), not After Effects CS6 or CS6.5

"I Received the 6 CD set of tutorial for After Effects 6.0 and 6.5  and they are GREAT.  I had a bad experience trying to save money and bought for 39.95 from one of your competitors but it was a grave mistake, it was not a true tutorial and was not worth even a dollar. Your product is thorough and professional and it is clear as it explains every step and phase. I love your product and I will make sure in the future to look into your site before I venture anywhere else." - Boaz G.

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Adobe After Effects 6.5 Training

List Price $58.95   
Our Price $29.57

Available on 1 DVD

Covers every topic that you need to create exciting web sites using the power of Adobe After Effects 6.5

Adobe After Effects is the ultimate tool for Motion Graphics and Visual Effects.

If you can only get one After Effects training product, this is the one you need. This is our New After Effects training set. This is the most in-depth, complete video training available today in a single product. We have taken this training further than any of our previous After Effects titles. Over 16 hours of actual video training.

This training is for the Windows platform and will play on all current versions of Windows.

Boost your Adobe After Effects skills to full speed quickly and easily with this latest course clearly demonstrated by top training guru, George Peirson.

Learn how to create professional level animations and video sequences. Our computer based training shows you how! Our training covers version 6 and both 6.5 standard and 6.5 Pro versions.

Learn new techniques. Enhance your skills. Apply your training today.

This outstanding set covers not just the basics, but provides practical information, clear-cut demonstrations, and project applications you can use immediately.

Lessons are laid out in a logical, easy-to-follow format, guiding you step-by-step through the tools and processes you need to become an After Effects Guru. Beginning with an overview of the principles involved, each lesson moves on to a step-by-step demonstration of the tool or process, followed by a hands-on, practical application project that lets you experience how to use this new information in your everyday work.

By using this training, you will learn how to use After Effects 6.5, discover how to maximize your learning, and truly master this powerful program to become an After Effects Guru.

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Adobe After Effects 6.5 Training

Using Mattes

Guru level training in the New Adobe After Effects® 6.5, the latest version of Adobe's blockbuster animation and video design software.

You will learn both the theories behind this powerful program and how to apply your new expertise in the real world… right away.

Adobe After Effects 6.5 Training

Placing Lights

You do not need to have After Effects 6.5 installed on your computer to view this training. Although you will need your own copy of After Effects installed to do the exercises.

Explore the world's most popular video effects program. Our in-depth, easy-to-follow courses lead you through common tasks using a clear, step-by-step approach. HTG Training takes the guesswork out of mastering this software.

Adobe After Effects 6.5 Training

Working with Cameras

Learn exactly what you need to know with our interactive multimedia courseware. Our training teaches fundamental and advanced techniques and lets you apply what you have learned today.

New After Effects 6.5, Adobe's best selling video and animation design software. We show you everything you need to know to use the full power of this amazing program. This set is packed with almost 14 hours of solid training in After Effects. That‘s like taking a three day After Effects Seminar from Mr. Peirson. Each set comes shrink wrapped in its own DVD-style retail case.

Plus we are including all Materials with examples from all the projects and additional files, that let you work along with the tutorials and try out all of our demonstrations on your own machine using the same files we use in the demos.

Buy this software today and start learning the power of Adobe After Effects.

Beginning Adobe After Effects 6.5

Adobe After Effects 6.5 Training

The complete contents list is reproduced below.

Part 1

    After Effects Tour
    What's New in Version 6.0
    What's New in Version 6.5
    Using Preferences
    Setting Preferences

Creating a Project
    New Project
    Using the Project Window
    New Composition
    Timeline Window
    Composition Window
    Importing Elements

    File Menu
    Edit Menu
    Composition Menu
    Layer Menu
    Effect Menu
    Animation Menu
    View Menu
    Window Menu
    Help Menu

Part 2

Using the Timeline Window
    Using Layers
    Duration Bars
    Using Keyframes
    Keyframe Navigator
    Special Keyframe Techniques
    Timeline Options Menu

Using the Composition Window
    View Settings
    Using Camera Views
    Composition Options Menu

Using Layers
    Null Object
    Parent / Child Layers
    Adjustment Layers

Intermediate Adobe After Effects 6.5

Adobe After Effects 6.5 Training

Part 3

    The Tools Palette
    The Info Palette
    The Audio Palette
    Time Controls Palette
    Effects Palette
    Text Palettes
    Paint Palette
    Brush Tips Palette

Special Palettes
    Motion Sketch
    Smart Mask Interpolation
    The Smoother
    The Wiggler
    Align & Distribute
    Tracker Controls

Advanced Layers
    Using Masks
    Using Switches
    Using Transform
    About 3D Layers
    Blending Modes
    Modifying Text Layers

Part 4

Effect Meuu 1
    Practice Animation
    Effect Controls
    3D Channel
    Blur & Sharpen

Effect Menu 2
    Expression Controls
    Image Control
    Matte Tools

Effect Menu 3

Advanced Adobe After Effects 6.5

Adobe After Effects 6.5 Training

Part 5

Animation Menu
    Keyframe Interpolation
    Keyframe Velocity
    Keyframe Assistant
    Animate Text
    Add Text Selector
    Add Expression
    Track Motion
    Stabilize Motion
    Track This Property

    About 3D
    3D Layers
    3D Views
    Using Cameras
    Using Lights
    Point of Interest
    Previewing 3D
    Rendering 3D
    Importing Camera Files

Part 6

Putting it all together

Project 1 - Animated Text Logo
    New Project
    Dark Clouds
    Comp 2 Setup
    Card Dance
    Animate Text
    Bulge Effect
    Comp 3 Setup
    Moon Effect
    Light Effect
    Final Comp & Render

Project 2 - Transitions
    New Project
    Mask / Position Change
    Lens Flare
    3D Fly Away
    Double Twirl
    Sucked In
    Melt Away
    Radial Wipe
    Final Comp & Render

List Price $58.95
Our Price $29.87

Adobe After Effects 6.5 Training


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