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New CSS Training

The Easy Way to Learn Cascading Style Sheets

"I LOVE the CDs - MUCH, MUCH better than the BDG training disks I have."

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CSS DVD training set

List Price $59.95 Our Price $29.87

Our training is filled with 29 separate video lessons.
Over 4.5 hours of training.

Includes all working files and examples.

This set is the ideal companion training to our HTML and JavaScript sets.

Note: this training is for Windows and does not come with CSS coding software

The strength of How To Gurus training lies in the thoroughness and clarity of its content and the unique teaching style of the instructor. Each HTG training software title guides users quickly and easily through comprehensive, step-by-step tutorials. As they follow along, they learn by doing, mastering the programs at their own pace. Users are provided with a dymanic educational tool - an information rich resource they can refer to again and again.

Each instructor-guided CD or DVD title is presented in full motion video, with the instructor clearly demostrating each lesson in the actual program being taught while providing a full narrative description of each step.

Each set comes shrink wrapped in its own DVD-style retail case.

CSS DVD training set

Part 1

  What is CSS?
  What program to code in
  Comparison of CSS to HTML
  Internal and External CSS
  The CSS format

CSS Formatting
  Styling Fonts
  Working with Blocks
  Working with Borders
  Working with Boxes
  Working with Lists

Part 2

CSS Formatting 2   
  Tables, Content, Quotes

Working with CSS
  Using DIV tags and Layers
  HTML Tables vs CSS Layout
  Advantages of External CSS
  Styling Links and Buttons
  Creating page Themes
  Creating CSS Buttons
  Using CSS Filters
  Showing and Hiding Layers

Bonus Training

Dreamweaver MX 2004
  CSS vs Tags
  Creating CSS
  Advanced CSS

Dreamweaver 8
  New Unified CSS Panel
  CSS Layout Visualization
  CSS Render Improvements


List Price $99.95      Our Price $29.87

CSS DVD training set




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